Monday, September 24, 2012

Watercolor journal

Though I do enjoy working in miniature, my first watercolor journal's size can feel rather restrictive (only 2"x3") and so I decided to start a new, larger watercolor journal. This journal is approximately 8 inches, which feels expansive compared to the other. Both of these paintings were created with Sakura Koi watercolor paints and Niji waterbrushes that I received as Christmas gifts. (I absolutely adore these paints and brushes!)  

This photo was taken with an iPhone. I do hope to eventually catch up on photographing paintings with a better quality camera, but for now, am trying to invest more time just painting. While contemplating my artistic goals for 2012, I began to realize that I really did not have any desire to participate in any major projects or shows this year. I was actually a little surprised to find that I felt this way since I am usually enthusiastic about them. As my children get older, homeschooling is increasingly rewarding, but also far more time-consuming. And so, I decided for this year at least, to focus on painting for myself.