Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Round up

A few art pieces from the past several months...I apologize for the photo quality, as they were all taken with a phone.

I recently decorated my husband's office at work for his Father's Day gift. These are two pieces that I created for him. The bird was done with printmaking ink, watercolor, and acrylic paint. The female figure is a pastel.

My children decorate a cardboard box every year to be used as our family Valentine mailbox. We each make handmade Valentines for each other. My 11 year old son made the foxes; my 10 year old daughter made the owls. The heart flowers were made by my husband, and the kokeshi paper dolls were made by me.

My children recently took a ceramics class and created these bowls. They each made a purple bowl for me.

My 10 year old daughter made this little fox out of polymer clay and paint. Creating animals, both out of clay, as well as puppet making, is one of her dearest hobbies. I was very happy to be the recipient of this handsome little fellow!